Friday, 17 February 2012

Year 7 Maths Attack! follow-up

Follow-up to my post on taking year 7 pupils to teach in the primary school. It seemed to go great! All the year 4s and 7s enjoyed it (though the year 7s got a little bored of having to do the same activity four times). The twister and top trumps worked perfectly and the year 7s were giving some great little hints as the young 'uns got stuck. Everyone enjoyed the making shapes activity, but the year 7s couldn't think up enough shapes on the spot. When we do this next week I will make some cards with shape names on. The year 7s still have to remember what the shapes and their properties are.

The only activity that didn't really work was the estimation game. Turns out if you give year 4s beads, without a teacher around, they will throw them at each other. My year 7s, who didn't know how to stop them, decided to join in and I had to sit with that group most of the time. I think that I will exchange this game for something else, probably some arithmetic games with a 20 sided dice my class can make.

I was really happy with how it went (as you can probably tell). The year 4s had a good time, and the year 7s got alot of practice of their own skills without ever really realising it.