Friday, 17 February 2012

First proper job

Ok. Thought I'd just do a little post to get you up to speed with where I am. I have just completed my second week at my new school. It is a private school with very good behaviour and very traditional ideals. In my lessons I am supposed to write on the board, giving plenty of examples, then the pupils copy the notes and do some exercises. This style of teaching, though very old, is new to me and I find it takes much less time to plan for, but it is unsatisfying. Through dy/dan I had just found a way to teach that I was comfortable with and excited to get involved in and now I have to go back to this 1950s method.

It's not all bad though;
  • There are very little behaviour issues and I am finding myself much more relaxed.
  • A big emphasis is put on the school to extra-curricular activities and I am loving getting involved with that side of things for the first time. Some teachers say that its useful because the pupils get to see you in a role other than the disciplinarian, forcing another 20 dull questions out of them. Its definitely good to see them in a role other than the lazy student who is always disrupting your lesson.
  • The food we get is great.
Hopes for the future
I am really hoping that I will enjoy my placement here, because in certain ways it is an extremely cushy job. I am also hoping to be able to sneak in new lesson ideas without straying too far from my brief. We'll see how that goes though