Saturday, 9 March 2013

Great Posts of February

To celebrate finally figuring out how to share my starred posts on Google Reader (see the new widget in the sidebar), and to make this feature more prominent, I will also describe some of my favourite writings each month. This one is for February up until now:
  • Differentiating Maths Homework by I Speak Math:  A list of great links to posts from teachers describing their methods for differentiated homework.
  • Visualizing Concepts by I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down: Some examples of how Mimi makes concepts more concrete by introducing them visually/kinaesthetically.
  • Oscars 2013 by Yummy Math: Using the flawed 'top grossing movie of all time' stat to motivate learning compound interest.
  • Two Tens for a Five by f(t): A well considered way to introduce irrational numbers.
  • The First Relativistic Video Game by Starts With a Bang: Actually from ages ago, but this is amazing! An open-source video game which allows you to experience relativistic physics. Try it out!